Laura Davis

My name is Laura. I was born and raised in Chicago in 1973. I started riding bikes at the age of five and haven't stopped since.

I competed in my first race in 1990 and have since raced in dozens of competitions, including

  • 1993 Illinois Road Racing Championships
  • 1998 Chicago Cyclo-Cross World Cup
  • 1999 Women's Supercross World Cup
  • 2000 Chicago Track Cycling Classic

I earned a B.S. in Sports Therapy from The University of Texas in 1989. After university, I opened my own cycling shop in Austin, Texas, which I owned and operated for seven years before selling it for a pretty penny in 1997. During this time, I continued to compete in cycle races and write about cycling in several newspapers and magazines.

I now live in San Antonio with my husband, two kids and basset hound. I write full time and cycle when I can, especially in the Hill Country.

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